Kite lessons

Sailing Conditions

Flat water, without waves. Wind comes side offshore from left. Thermal desert wind, picks up at midday. It Blows all year long, two weeks in October tends to fall because rain season. In front of the Eoletto Kite Center tis a shallow sand bank, ideal for beginners.

Kite Lessons

Personal kite Lessons with all security measures , we have two rescue boats and all suitable materials for the course, including lifejacket


Kite management

Assemble the equipment, basic safety precautions and use of the kite leach. The student acquires the ability to fly the kite in its different positions.

Relaunch kite

Students learn to relaunch the kite when it falls into the water, to give it to someone else to earth and acquires the skill to use it with one hand.

Body drag

Students learn how to draw  the kite in the power zone and drifting. This practice will be done repeatedly until there is a good command of the  kite and after bring it in aupwind position.


The student acquires the ability to start and surf on the board and retrieve it in the water when lost. Also he tries to make this first transitions.

The advance in the stages of course depends on the student's ability.


One hour course $ 150,000 

5 hours Mini course $ 700,000

10 hours course $ 1.300,000