Where is Eoletto Kite Center?

In the Cabo de la Vela, towards the lighthouse, between the last settlements of the town, Pujurú, Jarrinapi, etc, and rachería Utta, Jarrena, Kayuusipa and Pantú-. Ten-minutes walk from Utta, or from Pujurú.

How do I get to Riohacha?

Riohacha airport (two daily flights from Bogota by Avianca. To Valledupar (Fly Avianca and Lan. -several flights daily-) Santa Marta (various companies). To make the overland route Santa Marta - Riohacha: by bus from the bus terminal, Expreso Brasilia 035 7272240. Buy tickets online. every half an hour from 5:30 am until 7:30 pm (3 hours) or door to door 2 hour trip from El Rodadero, from Santa Marta to Riohacha,  from Valledupar to Maicao, 2.30am or Cootracesar tel (57 + 5) 5712727, 5717590 and 5717591.

How do I get to Cabo?

  • In your own car, you can call us  to cell 3214680105 or 3148516216 and we will inform you about the status of the road. If you like to leave your car in Riohacha and hire a van, talk to Emel Camargo                                                                                                                      
  • By van. They goes out from Riohacha between 6 am and 8 am to Cabo de la Vela, the minimum number is four people. Operate Arpushanatours (Graciela cel 313 7449979), Wayuutours (Shirley 314 5383804) Flanklin 311 4394677, 300 8001619, Emel Camargo, 311 6784778 312 6349862 Iguaran Roberto Javier 311 4208883. You have to reserve two days earlier. You can reserve a van at any time of day if the quotais full.

    Price: $ 60,000 to $ 80,000 per person.

  • In particular hired vans to match schedules and customer requirements. Ideal when there are groups or families. Holds up to 7 people with little luggage, Emel Camargo 311 6784778, 311 4208883.

    Valorde $ 350,000 to $ 450,000 per way.

  • By public transport, take a trolley in Riohacha, Cootraunidos cel 301 5788989 and 310 3681888 (-Air conditioners particular offering rides to Uribia, for $ 15,000 person), they can pick up you in your hostel whitout charge. Or ask the whereabouts of the "cars to Uribia" near the roundpoint Francisco El Hombre. 1:30 hours path. In Uribia, just before the town are Jeeps to bring you for $20.000 to Cabo de la Vela. TIPS, Dont lost the control of your lougage, they try to take and pack in his jeeps to dont give you any options, have a look first where are the next jeep depart. Normal the next have some turist inside. Also be sure, ask the driver, to bring you to Kite Center Eoletto, some drivers have his owns hostels and try to let you there. Dont give money in advance. Dont belive in the offer they make all include, night, Punta Gallinas, Cabo de la Vela. And other way, no so confortable, but cheap, is said to the driver Riohacha Uribia, let you in "Las Pulgas" a market square in the middle of the street in Uribia, a collective Ford 150 withwood benches - going to Cabo de la Vela. In Season $ 18,000 in low season $ 15,000. It can be very uncomfortable by a journey of 2-3 hours. The last shuttle leaves at 4 pm. The tip: book in the cabine. Thomas 312 6014074, Alfredo 311 3156300, 314 5973771 Chema, Mikele 310 7292924, 310 6414622 Rafael, RG 320 2510028, 313 8119574 Euclid. Dont forget to buy some water and food in Uribia,before you leave.                                                                                               

How do I move in Cabo de la Vela if I do not have a car?

In motorcycle taxi. We helyouto contact them. negotiate before taking the service.

What if I want to go to Punta Gallinas?

We help you to contact the trip the day bafore, coast arrownd 120.000. Not include the night and the meals.