Kite&Kaffee the Coffee Place in Riohacha

Come and visit us at Kite Center Eoletto, have a craft beer, decide where you want to kite, and share your wind stories with riders.

The idea of making a coffee place in Riohacha started from the long years we were in the upper Guajira, in the middle of nowhere. When we came to the "big city" of Riohacha, we desperately looked for a good coffee, we dreamed of an espresso, as it happens to many tourists who travel along the Caribbean coast, but for years that was impossible to find. When we decided to go down from the desert and settle in the city of Riohacha, the first thing we thought about was having our own coffee place. We bought the machine and the mill, Etto took the professional barista courses and we adapted a house in the center to serve as a base for the Kite and windsurf school in the front and inside, in a large garden with a mango tree , we open the Kite & Kaffee.




We know how difficult it is to work away from home, for this reason at Kite & Kaffee in Riohacha we offer a pleasant and quiet place, with a fast internet, so that travelers can continue with their lifestyle of work and adventure; a co working-space where you are able to concentrate on your affairs. Located in the city center, surrounded by nature, the Kite & Kaffee allows you to co-work, update your online business during your trip, continue planning the next adventure destination, make reservations, wait for the afternoon wind and for Of course accompany your working hours with an excellent Colombian coffee or a refreshing beer.


Cafe & beer garden in Riohacha

Kite shop & Coffee place 


In the day enjoy a coffee, beer and grill in the evening.





Craft beer:

Nevada Tres Cordilleras offer:

  Happy Coca 

  Happy Nebbi

  Happy Colibri

  Happy Tucan


Beer Nevada from Minca brewery



   Dog friendly

   Fast internet connection

  Charge your phone & electronics devices

   Tourist information

  Perfect coffee

  Unique menu


Craft beer:

From small Colombian breweries.


  Don Vicente (Quinua Beer)


From Icotea brewery Don Vicente Quinua Beer


Coffee Menú Price Ground (Origin)
Expresso $3.500 Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
Expresso lungo $5.000 Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
French Press $8.000 (2 cups) Desarrolladores
Americano $3.500 Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
Latte maquiato $5.000 Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
Filtered $5.000 (2 cups) Desarrolladores