Determined to make kite-boarding an accessible water sport for all Kite Center Eoletto offers the best kite-surfing experience along the Guajira-spots in beautiful places surrounded by stunning desert landscapes (Camarones, Punta Gallinas, Riohacha, Cabo de la Vela, Mayapo -see here details).  Kite lessons, rentals, camps & trips to Punta Gallinas.



The Eoletto kite lessons:

  • Professional instructors. German, English, Spanish.
  • IKO Certified.
  • We choose the equipment according to the student’s conditions (weight, experience, special requirements) and day wind conditions.
  • If the lesson is in Mayapo we include the shuttle.

We invite you to:

  • Book a kite or windsurf classes. (Set aside a kite lesson here).
  • Rent a gear. See the cost here (price kite list / price windsurf list).
  • Rent a kite boogie.
  • Rent a board.
  • Store your equipment. (days, weeks, months rates).
  • Buy a trip pack (all included) to Cabo de la Vela / Punta Gallinas.
  • Reserve a place for teenagers and children in the next Guajira camp.
Mayapo Guajira. In the beach. First lesson.

Requirements Courses & Rentals

  • Know how to swim.
  • Fill out a registration form.
  • For juniors students, under 18 years old, signed permision from parents.
  • Observe the rules and enjoy the kite with safety.

Guajira Wind

Patrick - lesson in Mayapo with Etto