Cabo de la Vela TRIP


If I have to sleep one night on the way where I stay ...? 

  • In Riohacha: We know and advise the hotel Castillo del Mar Street 9A No 15-352 tel 575 7275043 $ 35,000 night x person. Ocean Cr 15 No 9 -21, offer a fee of $ 110,000 including breakfast, talking with Ivon 300 3953682 310 7134438 Only if there is no choice, you can stay in the Colonial, something like entering a storyof García Márquez, at least it is silent $ 30,000 on double occupancy. Calle 7 No 10-75. Tel / 575) 7273408. A friend recommended the Patio House Beautiful Street 3B 1C 74 where they charge $ 50,000 per night.

  • In Uribia: In ICHITKI a new, clean hotel without sign at the street. 14C No 9-62. Belongs to Carlos and Vilma, single bed $ 50,000, double $ 100,000, $ 15,000 hammocks. Breakfast$ 8,000. Hotel Juyasirain, we have not been there. The Tripadvisor says "only if you are desperate" and noted how loud it is, but speaks of a good breakfast. Phone: 310 7340654 and 311 6547076 (575) 7177284. Street 14A No 9-06 $ 70,000 for two people.

  • In Valledupar: We recommend the hostel Province, 16th Street No 5-25 $ 20,000 x person (Andrea 300 2419210, 575 5800558). We warned to be careful with personal things because they had already problems in a couple of occasions. We hope they have taken the matter as promised. 

Where sleeping in the settlement?

  • In Chinchorro $ 25,000 x night. RECOMMENDED (in a dorm)

  • In Hammock $ 15,000 x night

  • In closed cabin. RESERVATION with Paula 321 468 0105.

  • The nearby villages have a similar offer.

What food do?

Cabo de la Vela offers lots of restaurants 10 to 15 minits walking


What else can we do in the Cabo except kite and windsurfing?

  • Hikes (Playa Ojo del Agua, Faro to watch the sunset, Blow Hole)
  • Trackig or go by car Hikes: Pilon de Azucar, Wind Farm.
  • Walks a day by car: Manaure, Uribia, Flamingos Park
  • Fishing (take the necessary material)
  • Snorkeling (mask and snorkel) $ 15,000 x 2 hours.
  • The station mounts a court with network and has available to its customers racket and ball games.
  • Boat rides.

Baths and shower

The showers and bathrooms are located in the backyard of the settlement in separate cabins for men and women. The toilets work with brackish well water that is available in tanks at the entrance of the cabins. For the shower they provide fresh water in buckets to their customers.

TIPS for navigated:

  • Much sunscreen (waterproof)
  • Lycra or Long Sleeve Shirt. 
  • A sun protective trousers.gum stuck type or lycra cycling (those sold in stores ballet or gym clothes), 

Useful things you should not miss:

  •   Sleeping bag or light blanket (it's cold at night)
  •   Flashlight (with spare batteries and bulb).
  •   Small money (no one has change)

Registration and payment

To ensure fit into any browser service you must make a reservation at 3214680105, 50% of the value of courses or rentals. ORDER YOUR QUOTATION. Otherwise you are subject to availability. The reserve is important especially if you have in mind a course of Kite or windsurfing. Bancolombia savings account in the name of Paula Sanmartin cc 51'608.455 No 17472398776 fax 571 2487209

For hosting space you must call, since some days Sought season. If no space in Eoletto Kite Center we help you find a place in the neighboring villages as Kayuusipa (Conchita 311 4420427)