from $314.000

Riohacha Kite home office

In Riohacha, Guajira

1 night / 2h Kitesurf course

Remote office facilities for digital nomads and a cozy home by the seaside.

A collaboration between Brisa Homestay & Kite Center Eoletto

Meet Daan and Maria, a Colombian-Belgian couple in love with La Guajira and kitesurf who welcome you to BRISA Homestay, their wonderful home in the center of Riohacha.
At BRISA you can enjoy working in a quiet and nice environment with all office utilities provided and kitesurf with Eoletto Kite Center in Mayapo, our beautiful and wild kite spot located at a short 20min ride from the city.

We offer kitesurf and windsurf classes, rentals and professional coaching for all levels. Check our different options bellow.

Brisa Homestay and Kite Center Eoletto only accept a few customers at a time, to ensure that the COVID-19 distancing measures are rigorously followed.

1 day
2h kitesurfing lesson
Accommodation in private room
Office atmosphere (coffee or tea, comfortable desk)
Good WiFi conexion
Private shuttle to the beach
Breakfast (home made bread and yogurt)
Delicious lunch with veggie options
English and/or Spanish
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