Determined to make kite-boarding an accessible water sport for all Kite Center Eoletto offers the best kite-surfing experience along the Guajira-spots in beautiful places surrounded by stunning desert landscapes (Camarones, Punta Gallinas, Riohacha, Cabo de la Vela, Mayapo -see hier details).  Kite lessons, rentals,camps & trips to Punta Gallinas.


The Eoletto kite lessons:

  • Professional instructors. German, English, Spanish.
  • IKO certificated.
  • We choose the equipment according to the student’s conditions (weight, experience, special requirements) and day wind conditions.
  • If the lesson is in Mayapo we include the shuttle.


Mayapo Guajira. In the beach. First lesson.

Requirements Courses & Rentals

  • Know how to swim.
  • Fill out a registration form.
  • For juniors students, under 18 years old, signed permision from parents.
  • Observe the rules and enjoy the kite with safety.

Guajira Wind


For Mayapo we recommend the WINDY app, it is the most successful. If you ask for wind in Cabo de la Vela or Punta Gallinas BUOYWHEATHER. For Riohacha and Camarones check WINDGURU.
By plane, Riohacha has an airport in the city. By car from Santa Marta, Palomino or Valledupar. The bus service has an abundant offer for various times and prices.
It is a highly technical sport, no force is required. The essential requirement is to know how to swim. Develops the muscles of the legs and abdomen.
If you pay special attention to correctly assembling your kite and you launch and land the kite taking special care with the bathers and the wind and shore conditions, you can have a safe and fun ride for you and for the people on the beach.
If you practice snowboard, wakeboard or have acrobatic kites practice, some stages of the course will be easier. In general a normal physical condition is enough skill.
Of course not, with Eoletto you have the security of only paying the hours you do, if you no longer need lessons, only an assistant, we offer you a caddy in rental mode with supervision.
Eoletto Chalengers

The kite students talk

Hi, I am Patrick, and I will tell you Etto´s kite lesson in January 2020 was more than the best, he is an incredible instructor, with a lot of experience. I´m not an easy student, I’m 70 years old, and I can say he put me on board. For sure I will be back to his school next year.

Patrick - lesson in Mayapo with Etto