Kite & widsurf for everyone

Welcome to Kite Center Eoletto, Guajira, Colombia,


 the kite school, based in the city of Riohacha, who offers Private beginners IKO kite lessons in english, german, spanish;and professional windsurfing and kiteboard IKO lessons by EOLETTO S.A.S (in Colombia since 1995) to riders of all levels: advanced, intermediate and beginners; we are in La Guajira one of the few places around the world where the wind blows most days a year, the wind and water spots conditions certainly are perfect to learn, so come and take your classes in the ideal kitesurf area of Guajira´s spots.

With us you can: book a kite or windsurf class in Mayapo or Riohacha, rent a gear, store your equipment, book a kite trip to Punta Gallinas or Cabo de la Vela, rent a kite boogie or a sunfish.

Family groups are very welcome. Contact us, learn and enjoy.


Kite Trip Punta Gallinas Program 5 days /4 Nights


Explore the desert with us!



In Mayapo Kite caddy service

We work with and for the Wayyu Indian community.


2020 was Eoletto’s anniversary 1995-2020.

We are Etto – el Alemán – and Paula and we founded Eoletto in 1995. For the past 25 years, we’ve been teaching windsurf and kiteboarding in Colombia to more than 9000 students. We’ve organized lessons, trips, camps, rentals, coaching and training activities in many parts of the country. Now we settled down in Riohacha, Guajira, the gateway to Colombia’s northernmost desert, where the wind blows all the year round, to offer our customers the best kite and windsurf options.






We are located in a beautiful old house in the center of Riohacha –calle 4 9-87— where we offer windsurfing and kitesurfing courses, trips, rentals, new gear. We can also arrange your own trip, and –no less important— provide you with the great coffee.

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INFO about accommodation, transport, travel tips and more to visit La Guajira