$260.000 cop

To do in Riohacha: Learn windsurf in one day

In one day, learn windsurf in the beaches of Camarones and Mayapo nearby. Departure time 9:00 am, return time 17:00 pm

Shuttle to and from the spot
Lunch (Fruit, sandwich, and cool drink)
2 hrs of Lessons
Windsurfing gear

Windsurf in Riohacha for all

You are in Riohacha and you want to do something because it’s fun. Come and learn windsurfing in one day with Eoletto. Our individual windsurfing lessons guarantee proper learning for each client. Students have a program according to their level, which determines the complexity of the equipment and the methodology that we will apply. Depending on the wind conditions and the student’s level we go to the Riohacha beach or to the nearest spot available between Camarones or Mayapo. If you are a group, each student has his own gear for the lesson.

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