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kiteboarding lesson Mayapo
Smile kite lesson in Mayapo

Are you curious tu test how ist the kiteboarding sport? Do you want to do the fist step? Ok, check our 2 hours introduction kiteboarding lessons Mayapo. Booking now. More questions about the lessons?: see DESCRIPTION below or then, write, call trought the contact page, or visit us in our shop in the city of Riohacha, Calle 4 9 87 and have a look to diferents options.


A INTRODUCTION 2 hours kiteboarding lesson in Mayapo beach or Riohacha by Eoletto content:


In the first hour kiteboarding lesson a student learn: Wind theory and wind window, why fly the kite, save kiteboarding sistems, how to fly and stear the kite, how to lounge and land the kite.

In the second hour the pupil go in the water with the teacher company and learn: bodydraging and self rescue (use the kite like a sailing boat).


Introduction course 2h Kiteboarding lessons Mayapo beach -La Laguna- or Riohacha: Free transport, Guaranteed results, Professional & experienced instructors, private Kiteboarding lessons in Mayapo or Riohacha, All gear is included, Quality, good condition gear for top safety. English, German, Spanish spoken.

The gear to learn

Bar and lines, harness (waist or seat), safety leach, kite, helmet, and bouyancy help. For people have the kite control the board ist included in this 2 hours INTRODUCTION kite lesson.


To take care of the desert sun, certanly you should wear a rashguard with UV protection, sunglasses, cap and above  all, sunscreen.

Bring water and some snacks to the kite sections, or bring a lunch box to spend the day in the beach. There are some basic restaurants in the area to eat fish and sea food. You can fine there always a cool beverage and national beer. Eoletto Kite Café in Riohacha offer a sailor lunch box for $22,000, book the night before here.


Do you need transport or accommodation in Mayapo or Riohacha? Call us.

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The service of Eoletto kite Center school ist avalaible all round year.

You can use this 2h lesson to improve or refresh your knowledge.


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