Discovery – 5h Kiteboarding lessons Colombia


Kitesurfing lessons Colombia -5h discovery course- by Eoletto will need 1-2 days.

This lessons are designed, first, for people who want to start their kite experience with a half course, or for students don´t have time to do a full course. Second, for students who have already received lessons and want to refresh their kite knowledge.


Kitesurfing lessons Colombia, Discovery 5 hours cours content:

For a beginner student,

First, the basic safety, wind theory, the wind window, launching and landing the kite, kite control. Second, self rescue, bodydrag, boardrag, power strokes, board rescue. In the end of the course you are ready, the first waterstarts. The student, usually, after taking this 5 hours course have the kite control. Certanly is ready to begin his next experience cours with the board.

You have some hours kite experiece? like to refresh knowledges?

This course 5 hours ist your choice to improve your kite level. To start we checking first your kite control and your knowledges about safety rules, rescue board and the waterstart. To continue the course we analyze the errors and correct them. Without a doub, the goal ist kite well in both directions.


Discovery – 5h Kitesurfing lessons Colombia offer:

Private kite lessons in Mayapo or Riohacha -all gear included-, optimal results, free transport from/to Riohacha, professional instructors, good condition gear for top safety.

English, spanish, german, spoken.

More info

The gear included in course: buoyancy vest, helmet, communication radio, bar, lines, kite, safety leach, board, harness (waist or seat).

Contact or visit us in Eoletto Kite Center Riohacha Calle 4 n 9-87 and see more options.

Do you need transport or accommodation in Mayapo or Riohacha? Call us +57 32146801

Recommendations : Use sunscreen, UV rasguard, cap and glasses to protect yourself from the sun; we advise a good hydration.

Additional information

Do you want to pay the full price or just separate your plan with an advance?

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