Restaurant café Eoletto the place in the city

Visit us in Eoletto Restaurant Café in Riohacha and order a craft beer from the draft, a delicious traditional lunch with corozo lemonade, a gourmet dinner with a glass of French wine, decide where and when you want to kite and share your wind stories with other sailors.

The menu style

In the city center of Riohacha our restaurant offers a healthy and homemade menu inspired by local Guajiro ingredients, a traditional and classic artisanal gourmet fusion proposal, healthy and varied.

European-style breakfasts made with our homemade preparations: yogurt, seven-grain bread with rye flour and oatmeal and honey granola.. We bake bread every day.

Lunch and dinner are highlighted by fresh ingredients purchased at local markets. The shrimp and prawns come from the nearby salt flats and the fish is brought to the restaurant daily by local fishermen. The goat comes from the market, it is fresh meat and is bought early in the morning. The fine steak is from the Cesar farms.

Options for those who have a special diet. We understand the difficulty of vegan, vegetarian and celiac travelers, which is why at the Eoletto café restaurant there are dishes such as eggplant rataña, zucchini spaghetti and vegan banana and cocoa cake. We work with guajiro beans, stewed or in croquette form as breakfast or starter. Fruits and vegetables are chosen for their freshness and local ones are preferred over imported ones or those that come from remote parts of the country.

Menú starters y main dishes restaurante Eoletto café RiohachaMenú breakfast Riohacha Eoletto restauranteBeer Nevada Eoletto restaurante    Carta wines Eoletto restaurante café en Riohacha

The restaurant philosophy

We support fair trade. We buy directly from farmers, local entrepreneurs, indigenous people, farmers and artisanal fishermen. With the purchase of cocoa we support the government program to replace coca crops for Aruhaco farmers in the Sierra Nevada. We are interested in ingredients that leave no carbon footprint and guarantee food security in the region. Gourmet preparations can be conscious and sustainable.

The history of the Eoletto café restaurant

The idea of ​​a coffee restaurant began many years ago when we came down from Alta Guajira, where we lived in the middle of nowhere and the first thing we were looking for was to have a good coffee and find a healthy dinner without fat, low in salt and sugar and abundant in vegetables; We dreamed of an espresso, as happens to most tourists along the Caribbean coast, with an artisanal cake, a baked fish, that was impossible to find.

Then we came down from the desert and settled in Riohacha; and we opened our own cafe and restaurant. We bought the machine and the mill, Etto took a professional barista course, we called a chef, we took the family recipes and prepare a original menú. We renovated a house in the center of the city that would serve as a base for the restaurant and in an interior garden with a mango tree we put eight tables and we opened Eoletto Restaurante Café.

Colombian Coffe Eoletto Restaurant-Riohacha-work office


Work away from home is difficult, for this reason at Eoletto Restaurant Café in Riohacha we offer a pleasant and quiet place, with a fast internet, so that travelers can continue with their lifestyle of work and adventure; a co working-space where you are able to concentrate on your affairs. Located in the city center, surrounded by nature, the restaurant café allows you to co-work, update your online business during your trip, continue planning the next adventure destination, make reservations, wait for the afternoon wind and for Of course accompany your working hours with an excellent Colombian coffee or a refreshing beer.


Choose your favorite breakfast



Eoletto Restaurante Café

Cafe & beer garden in Riohacha

Restaurant & Coffee place 

In Riohacha Garden Cafe-By-Eoletto

In the day enjoy a coffee, beer and delicius food in the evening.



Nevada craft beer

Nevada offer:

  •    Happy Ayu
  •    Happy Nebbi
  •    Happy Colibri
  •    Happy Tucan
Beer Nevada from Minca brewery



   Dog friendly

   Fast internet connection

  Charge your phone & electronics devices

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  Perfect coffee

  Unique menú


In Riohacha Center


Coffee MenúPriceGround (Origin)
Expresso$3.500Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
Expresso lungo$5.000Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
French Press$8.000 (2 cups)Desarrolladores
Americano$3.500Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
Latte maquiato$5.000Varietal Cundinamarca Premium
Filtered$5.000 (2 cups)Desarrolladores


For Covid-19 Kite&Kaffee are closed.