Windsurfing is back in fashion. His popularity, which lost followers with the irruption of kiteboarding in 2000, has once again fans. It is a fun and exciting sport that can be shared by the whole family, especially the very young. With appropriate and modern lightweight materials, learning to windsurf is accessible to everyone. To practice it, the only thing that is required is a little balance and knowing how to swim.

Camarones for beginners windsurf
Camarones, Guajira. Lesson for beginners.



We offer a spectacular spots to learn windsurfing in the near Riohacha, large flat water lagoons in Mayapo and Camarones. In the first hour the student is already on the board and navigates his first meters. The lessons begin with a short explanation (about 15 minutes) in the simulator about the direction of the wind, the safety measures and the technique to start and sail. Then the class always happens in the water. It takes 6 to 8 hours (two to three days) to be independent and successfully return to where you started.



Equipment rentals for all levels. Advanced, intermediate and beginners.
You can choose the flat water lagoons of Mayapo or Camarones or the open sea with waves for the more advanced in Riohacha, in front of the city, or in Mayapo. Wind most of the year, only October and November can be unpredictable due to the rains.
Equipment for all levels.
Wave option for the most advanced of the Guajira coast.


For the youngest members of the family, windsurfing is the best option for the holidays: Easy, safe and fun. If the wind is light, children as young as 7 can learn. Eoletto offers courses for the youngest in the Mayapo and Camarones lagoons - flat and shallow water, constant wind -; the classes are done with modern and light equipment that allow the student a rapid progress. The step-by-step methodology makes the students advance very quickly and get to practice early. During the holidays you will become a windsurfing professional. Equipment for all levels.


Get ready for a windsurfing day on the beach.


Windsurf storage Riohacha
Storage in Riohacha.

Fun windsurf Guajira

Wind at noon

Windsurf in flat water

Juan Carlos jibe speed

Ride with speed in Mayapo windsurf