Windsurfing has recently caught the attention of many new fans. Its popularity, which had decreased with the irruption of kiteboarding in the year 2000, is once again rising with many followers and enthusiasts. It is a sport that has the advantage of being accessible and safe to learn for all, and it is an activity also suitable for families with young children. You just need a little balance and to know how to swim.
Windsurfing is as recreational pastime born in California in the 1980s. Eoletto Kite Center situated in the sandy paradise of the Guajira of Colombia offers windsurf courses and rentals for all the levels.



Windsurfing is a sport that can be practiced from the age of 7. We offer specialized courses for children and youth, with light and modern materials that allow rapid progress and an accurate and step-by-step methodology that allows students to advance in a practical and safe way.
With our individual classes you will soon sail like a pro.

Spectacular spots to learn windsurfing, large flat water lagoons in Mayapo and Camarones, constant wind, and a wave option for the most advanced along the Guajira coast.

Windsurfing for kids 



Consult in the Home page, the Windy app. Another choice is the Windguru app.
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The only requirement is to know how to swim and fill out an application. No special skills are necessary for practice. It helps if you know how to sail on other boats or you have notions of surfing.