Kite Lessons


hoursPrice *Details
Private 1/h$160.000For beginners or to refresh basic knowledge.
Couple 1/h$240.000Only for the first 2 hours begginers lessons.


Private 5/h$770.000 To do in 2-3 days.
Private 10/h$1´500.000To do in 3-5 days.
Private 12/h$1´650.000 To do in a week.
Advanced 1/h$200.000Transitions, jumps, tricks, toeside, surf board.

*All our prices are in COP (Colombian Peso)

We refund the 100% your money booked in kite courses canceled for Covid-19 reasons.

If the weather conditions on the day of your lesson, can happen, are not adequate, we will your money  back.

Contact us for more info.

The remaining balance of the course can be paid at the end of the lessons.
Do not forget to send us your voucher and confirm the course date.

Any questions? Contact us.

We offer you several payment options: Cash, Bancolombia Account, DBank Account, Paypal.

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Offer Group lessons 5% discount

Ask for special offer for families and groups.


*Share your 10 hours kite pack with your couple.

KITE RENTALS *hour2 hoursDay
Full gear$100.000 cop$170.000 cop$300.000 cop
Kite only$70.000 cop$130.000 cop$170.000 cop
Board$40.000 cop$60.000 cop$90.000 cop
Harness /Flotation vest$25.000 cop$30.000 cop$40.000 cop
Helmet, leash$10.000 cop$20.000 cop$25.000 cop
KITE RENTALS PACKS *5 hours pack10 hours packWeek (7 days)
Kite (full gear)$415.000 cop$800.000 cop$1´000.000 cop

Professional supervision + $35.000 cop / hour.


* -30% after 10 hour course.

We rent kite equipment to advanced riders who can demonstrate their level with an IKO card or similar. For a little more, if you are an intermediate kiter, rent with supervision of a professional who will help you to efficiently enjoy the rental hours.

Pay a full risk material insurance (for you weekly stay -or proportional to the rental time-). In case you don´t use the insurance, we refund 50% of the fee when you return the equipmen.

Clients don´t take the insurance in case of loss or damage, must take responsibility and pay the damage according to the price table.

The rent is individual, for couples, not for groups. Clients are not allowed to teach with the rental material.

Other services

Mayapo - Riohacha$150.000 cop*
Manaure - Mayapo$160.000 cop*
Riohacha - Punta de los Remedios$240.000 cop*
Manaure - Riohacha$190.000 cop*
1 hour$35.000 cop
1 day$50.000 cop

* Downwinds depend wind conditions and a minimum rider group to do it.


Kite storagedayweekmonth
Kite (full gear)$12.000 cop$65.000 cop$140.000 cop


Insurance on the rentals gear

1 hour$50.000 cop
2 hours$70.000 cop
Day$100.000 cop
Week$300.000 cop

Attention: always check the equipment before and after use. Claims afterwards are not valid.

50% refund in case of non use of insurance.

Damage in kite rentals equipment.

Applies only to material rentals.

Canopy to repairPrice
Less than 10 centimeters$10.000 cop
Up to 10 centimeters$30.000 cop
Up to 30 centimeters$50.000 cop
Up to 50 centimeters$70.000 cop
Up to 100 centimeters$100.000 cop
L-shaped rips 100 x 20$120.000 cop
Total loss of kiteRetail price -10%
Bars & BoardsPrice
Line break$100.000 cop
Total loss bar of the yearRetail price -20%
Total loss of previous models bar$100.000 cop
Board breakage due to delamination up to 40 cm$30.000 cop
Board breakage according to damage$50.000 cop onwards
Total loss table Retail price -20%