Windsurfing Colombia Schools 2020

Some travelers who visit Colombia ask about windsurfing schools in the country, equipment rental, and sailing spots. Eoletto decided to update data and tell you where to sail and with whom, and what are the prices as of 23/04/2020. But of course, you have to call before you arrive, and confirm details.

There is a lot of information about kite-boarding on the internet but very little on windsurfing nowadays, so we decided to share our knowledge on the topic. It is true, windsurfers are now few, but you will always find throughout the country, nice people, windsurfer friends, adequate gear, lessons and a good time of fun on the board.

• Guajira (Riohacha, Mayapo, Camarones) – Etto Martin from Kite Center Eoletto

o Lessons in COP Btw 110.000 / 90.000
o Rental beginner equipment Btw 70.000 / 60.000
o Rental advanced equipment Btw 100.000 / 89.000 See our complete windsurf price list here.

• Atlántico (Puerto Colombia, Puerto Velero, Santa Verónica) – Juan Carlos Sanchez from Umma Gumma

o Rental basic equipment $80.000 cop
o Rental advanced equipment $70 usd/day
o 10 hours course $1´000.000 cop 
o 5 hours course $500.000 cop

  • (Cartagena) – Wind Spot
  • (CartagenaMokana Club Call or book before arrive.
    • 2 hours lesson $220.000 cop, Julián Suarez the owner is an  excellent instructor.
    • 1 hours rental material advanced $150.000
    • 1 hours rental material beginners $75.000

• Valle del Cauca (Lago Calima) – Pescado (Luis Fernando Duque)
o Lessons in COP $120.000 
o Rental Btw $70.000 / $60.000. 

• Valle del Cauca (Lago Calima) – Jan Paul Liechti
o Lessons $80.000 cop
o Rental Btw $70.000 / $60.000 beginners

• Cundinamarca (Laguna del Sisga, Laguna del Tominé) – Fabian Castañeda
o Lessons 8 hours $450.000 cop
o Rental Btw $60.000 cop

• San Andrés Island (San Andrés -San Luis) – Chamey
o Lessons 1 hours $80.000 cop
o Kite Lesson $120.000 cop

• Magdalena (Santa Marta) – Caribean Sail School / Carlos Bueno +57 3225685466
o Lessons 1 hours $80.000 cop
o Rental $120.000 cop


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